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What’s the latest buzz at Blandford?

What a perfect time to fall in love with Blandford! Let autumn’s cool breezes and vibrant hues encourage you to enjoy nature during this fleeting time of year. Blandford’s fall season kicks off with it’s annual Jeans and Jewels Fundraiser where you can bring friends to enjoy an evening under the stars while supporting and furthering Blandford Nature Center’s mission. Additionally, don’t forget to join in the fall festivities during our Harvest Festival, where you and your loved ones can enjoy the very essence of the fall season (think scarecrows, wagon rides and changing colors). Ahhhhh, fall!


The osprey’s enclosure has finally broke ground. We’re hoping the good weather stays so we can make lots of progress before the snow flies!

We’re at the Fulton Street Farmers Market every Friday & Saturday morning with organic produce from the farm.

Sugarbush Fundraiser ─ March 2015


The Longest Day 5K ─ June 2015


Jeans & Jewels─ September 18, 2014


Harvest Festival─ October 18, 2014

The mission of Blandford Nature Center is to educate, engage, and empower our community to become stewards of the natural world that sustains us.

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Why does Blandford charge admission? Don't my taxes support you?

Blandford Nature Center is an independent non-profit, which means that we do not receive any tax funding. All of our support comes from program fees, memberships, annual donations from our wonderful supporters, gifts from corporations, and awarded grants.

Your admission dollars help support the operations of the Nature Center and funds things like clean, well stocked restrooms, trail maintenance, building maintenance, and our land stewardship projects. We want to be a resource for the community long term, and this is another step in that direction!  This MLive article from May 2013 gives more details if you are interested in learning more.

Will you take my injured animal?

We no longer accept animals for rehabilitation. 

The two main rehabbers in the Grand Rapids area are:

  • Peg Markle of Wildlife Rehab Center LTD   {616-361-6109}
  • Sjana Gordon of Michigan Wildlife Center   {616-885-4223} (the only rehabber in Kent County that takes in raccoons)

List of other Licensed Michigan Wildlife Rehabbers.

It is illegal to rehab skunks, bats, and deer in Michigan, so there are no wildlife rehabilitators that can take them in.

What should I do if I find an abandoned baby animal?

Many of the baby animals found don’t need our help and bringing them to a wildlife rehabber without previous permission greatly decreases their chance of survival. Click here for more information on what to do if you find a baby animal.

Unless you are a licensed rehabber, please do not try to raise wild baby animals! It is illegal to possess a wild animal without the proper permits. Raising wildlife is bad for many reasons:

  • Wild animals carry diseases that can be passed onto humans.
  • Wild animals can be imprinted onto humans, losing their fear and decreasing their chances of survival in the wild, and increasing their chances of attacking people.
  • Specific diets and housing needs are necessary for animals that many people are not aware of, which can disfigure or kill these animals.
  • If you do want a pet rabbit, turtle, etc., please go to your local pet store or animal shelter only after researching how to properly care for these animals.

Can I walk my dog?

You certainly can! We do require that your dog is on a leash, stays on the trails, and that there is a doggy waste bag in hand to pick up unwanted extras. Dogs are allowed everywhere except on our Wildlife trail and inside our buildings.

Can I ride my bike on the trails?

No. Please park and lock your bikes at the provided bike racks, then enjoy your walk on the trails. Our trails are designed to be enjoyed by hikers, and riding your bike not only disturbs the trails but takes away from the safety of those walking. Blandford promotes recreational uses that are low-profile, low-impact and consistent with our land ethic values.

Do I need to let Blandford know if I'm bringing out a group for a self-guided exploration?

Groups of 10 or more are required to call ahead. Call 616-735-6240 to let us know you are coming. We ask for at least 24 hours notice. Please be courteous of and yield to our guided groups and summer campers. Areas being used in our programming may be off limits; please ask at Visitor Services during check in for areas off limits. Trail packs may be checked out at the Visitor Services desk to aid in your self-exploration, and we are happy to give your groups some suggestions of trails to check out. Regular admission rates apply.


  • Survival Workshop

    November 1, 2014: Join survival instructor Vaughn McDaniel as we learn the techniques you need to survive an outdoor incident and return safely. Course will include prep and planning for day packs, first aid, signaling and…
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  • Nature Buds Story Time

    Each week children, along with their parent or caregiver, can let their imaginations run wild by enjoying various nature- or farm-themed story times accompanied by nature walks, live animals and crafts! We encourage families to…
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  • Ask the Naturalist

    November 5, 2014: Blandford’s founder, Mary Jane Dockeray, will be able to answer your questions, help you interpret something you saw or found on a hike at Blandford, or just teach you more about the natural world….
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