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Painted Turtles

Scientific Name: Chrysemys picta

Species Ambassadors

Hosta, Curt and Leonardo

Hosta came to Blandford after a dog bite left her with a missing chunk of her shell in 2007.  This would make it impossible for her to tuck safely into her shell when in danger.  The other two came in with leg injuries due to car accidents or attacks by predators in 2009 and 2011. Due to their leg injuries, these turtles would not be able to dig into the mud to hibernate during the winter.

Status of Painted Turtles in Michigan

Painted Turtles are the most common turtle species in Michigan.


Painted Turtles prefer bodies of shallow water with muddy bottoms. They can be found in ponds, lakes marshes, and slow-moving rivers and streams.


Painted Turtles eat aquatic plants, insects, tadpoles, small fish, snails, crayfish, and carrion.

The Role of Painted Turtles in Our Ecosystems

Painted turtles help keep populations of small fish, crustaceans, and other invertebrates in check.

Threats to Painted Turtles

There are currently no serious threats to populations of this species.

Interesting Facts

-Hatchling Painted Turtles produce a type of natural antifreeze to survive the cold temperatures    of the fall and winter season while hibernating.

-Painted Turtles can tolerate organic pollution better than some other turtle species.

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