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Eastern Screech Owl

Scientific Name: Otis asio

Species Ambassador:

Dr. Whoo

Dr. Whoo came to us in 2012 after he was cut down out of a tree by a chainsaw. He became a permanent resident in 2013 and serves as an animal ambassador reminding folks to check trees, especially dead ones, for wildlife before cutting. After being cut down from a tree, the Eastern Screech owl came to Blandford where staff found that two of his toes had been amputated and part of his wing had been severed. Due to these injuries, Dr. Whoo would never be able to sustain flight to escape predators and would  find it difficult to capture prey with two toes missing.

Status of Eastern Screech Owls in Michigan

The Eastern Screech Owl can be found in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula throughout the year.


The typical call is a descending trill.

Click below to hear an Eastern Screech Owl!


Eastern Screech Owls can live in just about any habitat below 1500 meters of elevation.


Their diet includes a wide variety of prey items.  They eat large insects, such as moths, crayfish, earthworms, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals and small birds.

The Role of Eastern Screech Owls in Our Ecosystem

Screech Owls help to keep nocturnal small rodent and large insect populations from growing to unmanageable sizes.

Threats to Eastern Screech Owls

There are currently no serious threats to this species.

Interesting Facts

-Most Screech Owls mate for life.

-Unlike other owls, this species has symmetrical ears, which may suggest that they have superior vision and hearing.

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