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American Rabbit

Domestic Rabbit

Species Ambassador


Grayson was rescued by Blandford from the Humane Society of West Michigan in 2011.  He is a pet rabbit, not one that you would find in the wild.  His job at Blandford is to help educate people that wild animals should not be taken from the wild when there are plenty of domestic breeds of animals that make great pets.  If you ever think that a rabbit might be the right pet for you, please read up on their requirements and remember to check your local animal shelter.  Never take rabbits from the wild!

Status of the American Rabbit Breed

American Rabbits have become the rarest breed of domesticated rabbit in America. 


Large enclosures that provide enough room for them to hop around in.


Grayson’s diet consists of hay, carrots, lettuce, celery and broccoli.

Interesting facts 

-The American Rabbit breed was originally created for their meat and fur. 

-This breed of rabbit was created by Lewis H. Salisbury in California during the year 1917.

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