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Sponsor a Resident Animal

This female Box Turtle, aptly named Boxanne, has an amputated foot and now lives in our front lobby turtle exhibit. She needs a sponsor!

These sister Turkey Vultures, Lucy and Ethel, have spent 35 years in captivity, after being born in a zoo. They live at Blandford year round, needing a special heated enclosure in the winter time. Sponsor them today!
By Sponsoring a Resident Animal, you are helping to pay for the care of one of our many resident critters. We are home to dozens of beautiful creatures, who, by a bad stroke of luck are unable to be released back into the wild. Because they live at Blandford year round, the cost of these animals is steep. We need your financial help! The costs of vet bills, staff time, food and housing quickly add up!

Blandford Nature Center is a non-profit organization and without generous donors, we are unable to continue doing what we do for these beautiful creatures. Please support us with your donations.

With your sponsorship, you will receive a badge with your name on the cage of the animal, stating that you are the sponsor. You will receive periodic updates about your sponsored animal along with photos as it ages. You will be able to come visit the animal on our wildlife trail or in the indoor wildlife viewing area year round during our regular hours to see how they are doing. We hope you will realize what an important and direct influence you can have upon these animals, who are dependent on us to survive.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to give back to your local community (of all species).

Contact Lori at (616)735-6240 ext 15 to discuss how you can help.

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