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Jessie Schulte
Land Stewardship Volunteer Coordinator
616-735-6240 x22

I am a volunteer at heart and in action and have always found that my favorite people are volunteers.The spirit that inspires volunteering is one of unselfish giving and this is what sustains a community.

I grew up playing in the woods and wetlands 2.5 hours from Grand Rapids. As a teenager I worked at a horse farm and later went on to earn my Bachelor of Science degree in Resource Ecology inspired by a deep connection to the land. My career background is in natural resource management and my passion is helping others. I have been fortunate to serve with numerous organizations like The Nature Conservancy, where I completed prescribed burns and led volunteers in seed harvesting, and the National Park Service where I led volunteer groups out to remote sites to control invasive non-native plants. I have also been greatly rewarded by the lessons I learned as a volunteer coordinator working in the social service arena. I witnessed first hand seniors meeting the basic needs of others in compassionate and innovative ways.

Join us in caring for Blandford Nature Center. You will be delighted at the natural reward it gives and you will be helping keep its treasured residents, buildings and stories alive.


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