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Katie Van Doeselaar
Office Manager
616-735-6240 x10

I have lived in West Michigan all of my life, but as a child my parents took our family on amazing trips every summer, touring the nation’s historical and natural sites. Consequently, I developed a deep passion for history, and the environment that it took place in. These trips also sparked my love for camping, spending time outdoors, being with family, and exploring the cool places that exist. As I was completing my bachelors degree in History from GVSU, I found myself wondering how to find a job that fit my passion for history. During this search, I fell into the field of non-profits through an internship, and found that working in a non-profit environment is so exhilarating for me. I feel so amazed that I can have a job that allows me to play an important role in fulfilling a mission that I believe in!

I am the Office Manager here at Blandford Nature Center, and I was excited and honored to join the Blandford team in June of 2011. I love my role here at Blandford,
doing my part to help fulfill our mission of educating, engaging and empowering our community to become stewards of the natural world that sustains us.  
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