Environmental Education Consulting

Maximize outdoor educational opportunities by putting the resources of Blandford Nature Center to work for you!  

As a result of the professional collaboration, your school will utilize a hands-on approach to project-based learning  through quality field experiences, integrated curriculum and environmental stewardship. This program is dedicated to inspiring teachers to maximize the potential for out-of-doors learning, hands-on experience, and well-rounded educational opportunities in nature.

If you’re interested in developing environmental, place-based learning experiences for your students please contact our Programs Manager at

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See how Blandford unlocks the powerful learning experiences that exist just beyond the classroom door.

Become A Partner School Now

We are enthusiastic about expanding this program to growing more school partnerships! Let’s get more kids learning outside!

Contact our Program Manager – for questions or to set up a meeting to find out more.

Partner Schools Will Receive:

  • Professional collaboration to implement project-based learning at Blandford OR your school
  • Blandford Nature Center will feature your school as a partner school
  • Several outdoor learning experiences/professional collaboration consultations based on customized contract fee
  • Students gain stewardship education, 21st century life skills and with hands-on experience

The Case for Outdoor Learning

  • Direct experience in nature is critical and diminishing
  • Nature-smart children get higher test scores
  • Hands-on outdoor learning benefits students
  • Green school grounds foster achievement and responsibility
  • Reduces symptoms of ADD
  • Increased students’ motivation for learning

Data compiled from Children and Nature Network

Unlock the powerful learning experiences that exist just beyond the classroom door.

“We have a beautiful nature preserve located on our school’s campus. Utilizing the natural resources available to us has greatly expanded our capacity to teach project-based, interdisciplinary lessons that the students love. The partnership with Blandford Nature Center and the expertise they bring to the table has served as a great catalyst for West Side Christian School’s vision to provide more project-based, “hands on” educational experiences for our students. We are farther down the road towards our vision and at a much faster pace because of this relationship.”

Tom Aldrich, Principal at West Side Christian School

Customized Learning Utilizing the Outdoors

Examples of customized programs equipped with integrated Next Generation Science Standards used with current and past partner schools:

  • Ecosystem Exploration
  • Anishinabek Lifeways (Michigan’s First People)
  • Producers, Consumers, Decomposers
  • Seeds and Plants
  • Schoolyard Habitats
  • Vertebrates
  • Schoolyard Bird Identification Skills
  • Tree ID
  • Collaboration for Project-Based Learning
  • Invasive Species Education
  • School Garden
  • Nature Play Centers
  • School Yard Habitats
  • Develop Nature Trails

"Nature- Deficit Disorder"

At a time when kids are spending more hours than ever indoors and everyone seems attached to a screen, Blandford Nature Center provides the knowledge to  turn your schoolyard into an outdoor learning lab.

“A growing body of evidence suggests that significant changes in childhood have occurred over the past several decades relating to children’s experiences in nature. Richard Louv, Chairman of the Children & Nature Network Board of Directors, coined the phrase, “nature-deficit disorder” to give a name to one major shift in society that appears to be associated with detrimental impacts on children’s health”

Charles, Cheryl PhD, Louv, Richard. “Children’s Nature  Deficit: What We Know – and Don’t Know.” (2009): n. page. 1.