Event: Indian Mounds Rock and Mineral Club Meeting


November 21, 2017: America’s Oldest Metal Industry, Copper, Began Here In Michigan Before The Time of  Christ  Dr. Spohn is an expert in the history of copper mining in Michigan.  He will share his knowledge of the mining and use of copper by our earliest settlers into more modern times. Dr. Don Spohn, has a Ph.D. From Michigan State University and been studying prehistoric American Indian copper smithing since 1939.  He is the founder and president of  Great Lakes Copper Research and the editor and publisher of  Prehistoric Copper Artifacts Journal.  Dr. Spohn’s research has led him to assist the Smithsonian Museums in authenticating, identifying and classifying Prehistoric American Indian copper in the National Museum Of The American Indian. Bring your copper artifacts  if you would like Dr. Spohn to examine them and answer questions for you.

Where: Blandford Nature Center: Learning Lab

Date: Tuesday November 21, 2017

Time: 6pm-10:00pm

Cost: Free to Indian Mounds Rock and Mineral Club members


No Registration Needed