Event: Medicinal Plants in your Backyard


August 12th, 2017: The plants that surround us are brimming with power to help us. Discover what’s growing around you and how they might work for you, from chronic and acute health issues to food, first-aid and emotional support.

 The first half of this class will be spent exploring the grounds. You’ll get to know a handful of plants, what they look like, how to identify them, harvest them and how to use them.
After the herb walk, we’ll spend time harvesting plants of your choice then head to the Nature Center and learn how to make medicine. Plant medicine comes in form of tincture, tea, oil and flower essence, to name a few. We’ll discuss a few methods, when to use what, and you’ll go home with your own creation.
Kara McNabb is a naturopathic practitioner and uses a blend of plant medicine and mind-body work to bring health back to balance. She has studied herbalism with Jim McDonald and a variety of other teachers. Talking about plants is one of her favorite activities!
Emily Resick is an herbalist who practices in Leelanau County, Michigan. She has been playing with the plants and many other lovely teachers since 2004. Emily is also an artist and a student of traditional naturopathy. Her website can be found at

Where: Blandford Nature Center’s Farm

Date: Saturday August 12th, 2017

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Cost: This program is $26 for members, $32 for non-members.

Program for participants ages 15 and up.

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