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Grand Rapids Public Schools
Environmental Education Partnership

Blandford Nature Center works closely with the Grand Rapids Public Schools to develop a curriculum that meets grade-level science and social studies requirements.

In addition to assisting in immersive programs at Blandford School and C.A. Frost Elementary, we serve as the environmental classroom for third and sixth graders throughout the district thanks to the financial support of the Student Advancement Foundation.

Third Grade: People of the Three Fires

This program focuses on the pre-contact ways of living of Michigan’s Anishinabek, or People of the Three Fires, most specifically the Ottawa of West Michigan. Students study Anishinabe skills like fishing and rope-making, learn the secrets of making maple sugar and listen to stories inside an authentic wigwam. Games such as bowl dice and snowsnakes, hands-on activities like planting corn, using a scapula hoe, and touching real deer, fox and beaver pelts usually send students home with big smiles on their faces.

Sixth Grade: Emerging Spring and Ecosystems

Sixth graders who come to Blandford in the spring are in for a special
treat. In the morning, students participate in a thrilling game that challenges even the wiliest of predators. In the afternoon, students
explore the natural world around Blandford. From the meadow, vernal
ponds and mixed forests to the creek and cattail marshes, they
discover the plethora of wild things living there and their unique
roles in each ecosystem – including humans themselves.

For GRPS teachers

Would you like your students to benefit from environmental learning experiences at Blandford? Contact us for more information.

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