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Heritage buildings

Star Schoolhouse
The one-room schoolhouse, built in 1853, moved to Blandford in the summer of 1972. The inside of the schoolhouse is kept as authentic as possible: old-fashioned desks, chalk slates, a model wood-burning stove, even a dunce cap.

Log Cabin
The Robinson-Kuhtic cabin, originally built near Wayland in 1866, was moved to Blandford in the summer of 1971. The Robinsons were the original habitants, but were later replaced by the Ivan Kuhtic family, who later donated the building. Inside the cabin is a wood-burning stove, a kitchen and many other authentic period items.
Homestead Barn
This small barn near the cabin was originally built in the late 1800s in Grand Rapids as a carriage barn, and was moved to Blandford in 1974. Inside are pioneer farming tools such as plows, scythes, and horse tack, as well as general storage for Blandford.

This building was built in 1981, and serves as a base for our maple syrup operation in late February and March each year. The sugarhouse contains equipment such as the evaporator, hydrometer and cloth filter needed to make our pure maple syrup. This building is the highlight of any sugarbush tour!

R.B. Stilwill Blacksmith Shop
The Stilwell Blacksmith Shop was originally built in 1889 in Jamestown, and was moved to Blandford in 1983. During special events, this fully-functional blacksmith shop is open and offers live smithing demonstrations with the hammer, anvil and forge.

Learning Lab (Formerly the General Store)
In 1986, the General Store was built with the help of staff and volunteers. It is modeled after old-fashioned general stores of the 19th and 20th centuries. In 2012, it was converted to classroom space to accommodate the growing need for more classroom spaces. It is now called the Learning Lab. The gift shop is located inside the visitor center and is open 9-5 daily. 

Carriage Barn
The carriage barn, located next to the blacksmith shop, was built around the turn of the century, sometime between 1890 and 1910. In its day it would have housed carts, carriages or buggies for families in a pre-automobile era. Currently, it is used as storage for Blandford.




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