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Blandford On The Road

Blandford's On The Road programs can bring environmental education to your school, senior center, company gathering, or family event. We offer wildlife presentations, schoolyard activities, and lessons that engage everyone in discovering their relationship to natural systems and food cycles. 

We offer the following programs that include live animals:

  • All about Owls
  • Birds of a Feather
  • Blandford's Wildlife
  • Ecosystem Energy
  • Feather, Fur, or Scales
  • Raptors
  • Story time with the Animals
  • Vertebrates on Review
We also offer :
  • Plant Part Wrap
  • Vermicomposting
  • Sugarbush programs
  • Allow us to customize a program for your group!

Contact us to learn more, or request a program online. Once we have received your request, we will contact you to schedule the program. We will work to accommodate your first choice date and time, but cannot guarantee the requested dates. Once a program has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation and invoice. Payment is due by the program date. Cash payments will incur a 5% processing fee.

Programs are $100 for one program (45 minutes to an hour), $50 for each additional same-day presentation*, excluding Plant Part Wrap, which is $100 each program. Each Blandford on the Road program is designed for one classroom (up to 30 students). Groups larger than one classroom require special arrangements and will be charged an additional $50.00 per program. 

*Additional same-day program must be scheduled within an hour after the first program end to be eligible for the discount. 

Programs more than 20 miles round trip will be charged the federal rate for mileage reimbursement per mile.

Blandford On The Road Programming Options

Story Time With The Animals (PreK-Kindergarten)

Listen to some stories about different animals and meet some live examples from Blandford. Natural artifacts and a turtle, rabbit, and owl will be present.

Blandford’s Wildlife (all ages)

Learn about some of the different animals that call Blandford home. You will learn about their natural history and why they were brought to Blandford and why they can no longer survive in the wild. Will have a variety of animals, usually a turtle, rabbit, falcon, and owl along with natural artifacts.

Feathers, Fur or Scales? (Grades PreK -1)

We will learn about animals with backbones and the different groups of vertebrates, with this program geared towards younger students. Natural artifacts from different animals and real live specimens allow students a multi-sensory experience. Will have live examples of a reptile (snake or turtle), bird (falcon or owl), and mammal (rabbit). Can do shortened program of 30 min for preschool kids with more time at end for stories from kids to cater to their attention spans.

Birds of a Feather  (Grades 1-3)

What makes a bird a bird?  This hands-on program looks at the various characteristics of birds, including feathers, nests, songs, beaks, and feet, in order to better understand these unique flying vertebrates.  Natural artifacts and four to five live birds (one falcon, owls) will be included in the presentation. 

Vertebrates on Review  (Grades 2-5)

How are reptiles similar to birds? What makes a mammal a mammal or a fish a fish?  This program defines vertebrates and compares the differences and similarities of the five vertebrate groups in a fun way.  Live animals and educational props provide a hands-on review of the five vertebrate groups. Will have live examples of a reptile (snake or turtle), bird (falcon or owl), and mammal (rabbit).

Raptors (Grades 4-6)

Great predators of the sky, raptors have amazing adaptations for seeking and catching their prey. Learn about the habitats of both common and rare Michigan hawks and owls and their importance in the ecosystem. Four to five live birds (one falcon, owls) will be included in the presentation. 

Ecosystem Energy (Grades 4-6)

From the sun to a soaring hawk, energy flows through an ecosystem as food.  Students will get an interactive look at photosynthesis, predator/prey relationships and food chains. Natural artifacts and live examples of an herbivore (rabbit), omnivore (turtle), and carnivore (owl/ falcon) will emphasize food chain relationships.

All About Owls (Grades 4-6)

Learn about these special birds and why they make such great predators. You will get to handle some natural artifacts and meet some live owls. You can also purchase owl pellets from Blandford ($1 per pellet) to dissect during the program. 4-5 live owls will be present.

Plant Part Wrap (Grades 1-5)

Students will learn the parts of a plant and how delicious they can be!  Edible roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, and seeds are used in a classroom cooking activity, followed by a round of memory and a fun plant part wrap to reinforce learning.

Vermicomposting (Preschool-5)

Get your hands dirty in our worm bin.  Learn about decomposition and the power of compost in the lesson designed to teach students about worms, microorganisms, and what happens to things when they die.


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