About Us

Blandford believes families learn best through personal experience!


We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit whose job and passion is to is is to invite our community to enjoy, explore, and learn in nature. We make this happen by allowing our visitors to get their hands dirty in nature – whether that be standing knee-high in water to learn about stream ecology or planting squash seeds to start a garden. This is accomplished through an active outdoor environmental lab, a team of passionate, knowledgeable people and a strong link from past to future promoting sustainability. Blandford offers a wide variety of experiences to support our mission and vision through dynamic partnerships and innovative programming for all ages.

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To engage and empower our community through enriching experiences in nature.


A thriving, diverse community that supports a healthy, natural world.


Intentionally welcoming and embracing everyone.

The policy of the Blandford Nature Center is to ensure that diversity, inclusiveness, and respect are integral parts of our day-to-day management and work. Blandford staff, board and volunteers commit to ensure equal access to Blandford and all of its educational opportunities by all people.

In essence, diversity includes all the characteristics, experiences, and cultural influences that make each of us unique individuals. All individuals are welcome at Blandford Nature Center, and all individuals, regardless of race, color, age, national origin, sex (including transgender status, gender identity, and pregnancy), religion, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, status as a parent, will be treated with respect and dignity. By fostering an atmosphere of inclusion and respect, we can continue to value and appreciate the strengths afforded by differences in the styles, ideas, and organizational contributions of each person. We all share the responsibility to ensure diversity and inclusion throughout Blandford, and seek to recruit, engage, and retain a leadership composed of volunteers and staff that equitably and fairly represent our constituency.

Responsibly using and caring for all of our resources.

Demonstrating honesty, authenticity, and transparency within our organization and community.

Providing direct opportunities to enjoy, explore, and learn in nature.

Connecting and collaborating to effectively serve our community.

Using creativity and curiosity to continuously improve.

We lease 143 acres from the City of Grand Rapids and own 121 acres to use both the land and wildlife as the perfect backdrop to provide experiences that:

Engage people to actively use and interact with our environment, our heritage and our connection to natural systems.

Empower people to embrace nature, new perspectives, and sustainable practices.