Blandford On The Road

Let Blandford bring the excitement of nature to you!

We offer 30 to 60 minute long live wildlife presentations that help students discover who they share this great, big planet with. All of the programs are designed to integrate science standards while engaging students’ natural sense of inquiry.

Program curriculum can be customized for groups and are taught by knowledgeable, experienced educators.

Programming Options

Blandford’s Wildlife (all ages)

Learn why our Wildlife Ambassadors were brought to Blandford and why they can no longer survive in the wild. This general presentation includes a variety of animals: turtles, a rabbit, a falcon, and an owl.

Story Time With The Animals (PreK-Kindergarten)

Listen to a few stories with the accompanying animal, along with their natural artifacts. A turtle, a rabbit, and an owl will be present.

Birds of a Feather (Grades 1-3)

Students investigate the characteristics of birds including feathers, nests, beaks, feet, and songs to better understand these unique flying vertebrates. A variety of live birds are included in the presentation.

Wildlife with a Backbone (Grades 2-6)

Learn about vertebrate groups, their unique qualities and their habitats. Hands on props highlight adaptations the different vertebrates use for protection, warmth, and food gathering. Live examples of a reptile, bird, and mammal will be included in the presentation.

All About Owls (Grades 4-6)

Meet live owls, handle natural artifacts and learn why they make such great predators! Dissection of owl pellets can be added at an additional $1 per pellet.

Slimy Skins & Scales (Grades Kindergarten-5)

Learn about the special characteristics that differentiate reptiles from amphibians while discovering the adaptations that assist herptiles in surviving the winter in addition to the ways humans impact wild herptiles.

Request a Program

To begin your registration, email our Registrar at or call 616-735-6240 ext. 102 to register for a Blandford on the Road Program. When emailing or calling in a request, please include the following:

School/Organization name
Address, City, & Zip
Program address (where the program will be held)
1st Choice date and time
2nd Choice date and time
Contact person
Phone number
Group size (30 max)
Program requested

Group size is limited to 30 students or less. We are able to work with you to schedule multiple days or multiple trips in one day if needed for larger group sizes. Groups larger than one classroom (30 students) require special arrangements.

Program Cost

$100 for any 30-60 minute presentation for up to 30 people.

$50 for any additional, consecutive presentation. Groups larger than 30 people require special arrangements.

Travel cost includes up to 20 miles round-trip. Mileage fee of the Federal Mileage Reimbursement rate applies to location outside of a 20 mile range. Trips longer than one hour will also be assessed a driving fee of $15/hour or a prorated portion thereof to compensate for staff time.