Blandford Programs are fun and available for all ages!

Our programs strive to help people get their hands dirty and discover their relationship to the natural world. We want to share this one-of-a-kind experieince with the community and make every visit to Blandford a memorable one!

Fun and engaging programs & events such as Kombucha Workshops, Sugarbush Festival and more available for all ages!

Host your next event at Blandford and make memories that last a lifetime!

Bring Blandford’s programs to your school, senior center, company gathering or family event!

Participants will get a chance to assist with the daily tasks of a Blandford wildlife technician!

Start a wild adventure at Blandford. Find out more about the exciting themes that reconnects your child to their wild side!

Blandford makes learning come alive for schools and groups. Learn about the different, educational ways to connect to nature!

Thanks to the Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation, students can experience nature and history in a fun, hands-on field trip!

Homeschool field trips to Blandford will immerse students in nature and embrace students’ natural sense of inquiry.