Wildlife Care Experiences

Purchase a wildlife care experience for the curious child or adult in your life!


Participants will get a chance to assist with the daily tasks of a Blandford wildlife technician.


$50 base program fee for members

$75 base program fee for non-members

$25 for each additional person (excluding supervising guardian) joining BUT NOT participating (doesn’t receive shirt and picture)

$50 for each additional person joining AND participating (receives shirt and picture)


The majority of your fee will go towards the care of Blandford’s wildlife ambassadors, helping to provide them with vet care, food and housing.

What's Included

Two hours filled with hands-on experience

behind the scenes tour of the Wildlife Department

Participation in the feeding of the animals

A screen-printed Blandford shirt

photo taken with a wildlife ambassador of your choice

Please contact the Registrar at or call 616-735-6240 to schedule and purchase a Wildlife Care Experience.