Blandford Nature Center’s Wildlife

Blandford is home to many animals with injuries too severe to be fully repaired. Unable to survive in the wild, these animals are provided with a long term home in our Wildlife Education Center. Several of our animals participate in educational programming as wildlife ambassadors that reaches thousands of students and families in West Michigan!

Wildlife Residents

Blandford’s permanent residents have all suffered from injuries or other situations that have made it impossible for them to survive in the wild.

They now reside at Blandford as wildlife ambassadors, helping to educate and allowing the public to get a close up view of animals that they normally would never see in the wild. Click below to learn more about all of our wildlife residents!

Wildlife Care Experiences

Wildlife Care Experiences is a fun-filled way to let your child explore the world of wildlife care hands-on!

Participants will get a chance to assist with the daily tasks of a wildlife technician here at Blandford.

Click below for more information on our WCE packages!

Native Wildlife Resources

Caring for different wildlife animals requires plenty of attention and care. There are several ways community members can help with taking care of the native animals that live right in your own backyard.

Click below for contact info for wildlife organizations, tips on caring for wildlife, and general facts about animals!

Support Our Wildlife

Due to our non-profit status, we receive no funding from the state or city.

Therefore, generous donations and passionate volunteers make it possible for Blandford to not only care for our wildlife residents, but enrich the lives of students and families who enjoy the presence of wildlife at Blandford!

Click below to find out the multiple ways you can support our wildlife ambassadors!


Can I bring an injured animal to Blandford for rehab?

We no longer accept injured wild animals for rehabilitation since Fall 2013. Please refer to the list of rehabilitators below for assistance with rescue and rehab of wild animals.

Where can I take injured wildlife in need of rehab?

Wildlife Rehab Center | 616-361-6109 |

Lowell Farm & Wildlife Center | 616-883-4223 |

Click here for a list of other Michigan Licensed Rehabilitators

I have a pest causing issues on my property. Can I trap it and drop it off at Blandford?

Please do not drop off any animals on the Blandford property as it disrupts our ecology and causes territory issues between our wildlife.

For help with pests on your personal property, please contact one of the wildlife control services on our Wildlife Resources page.

What should I do if I find an abandoned baby animal?

Many baby animals do not need our help. If the animal is injured, contact one of the wildlife rehabilitators and wait for their assistance on what to do.